INCA CTC-100 Solar Off Loading Technology (SOLT) Fabric Structure Thermal Treatment is a single component, water-based elastomeric fabric coating that incorporates heat reflecting, refracting and dissipating materials to provide a barrier against solar heat gain.

Uses >>>

CTC-100 is designed for use on vinyl and other synthetic fabrics; canvas and other natural fabrics.

Durability >>>

A 4 mil DFT coat of CTC-100 will remain durable for a minimum of 3 years in normal service. The solar off-loading effects of the product remain constant throughout its useful life.

Application >>>

Surfaces to be coated with CTC-100 must be clean, structurally sound, and dry.

CTC-100 may be applied by brush, roller or spray. For best results use airless spray equipment that delivers at least one gallon/minute at no less than 2000 PSI. Use a carbide or tungsten steel reversible tips ranging in size from .021 to .025. CTC-100 should not be reduced by water or any other solvent or thinner.

Recommended rates of coverage and dry film thickness vary by substrate, surface use, and environmental conditions. Application of two or more coats to achieve an average minimum of 4 mils or 209 sf/gallon is required for optimum product performance. See Application Specifications for details.

Limitations >>>

Because this product is water based, application shall not begin during: inclement weather; when precipitation appears imminent; when freezing conditions are imminent; or when freezing may occur within 24 hours. It also requires at least two hours of full sun drying time before it can withstand exposure to heavy dew or light rain.

Maintenance >>>

Check finish coat annually for surface integrity. Repair any cuts, cracks or punctures according to General Requirements of Application Specifications.

Packaging >>>

Product comes in 1 and 5 US gallon buckets and in 55 US gallon barrels as standard. Other packaging is available as required.

Storage >>>

With proper storage, the shelf life of CTC-100 is 12 months. Do not store in direct sunlight, in tent prior to use, or near high heat sources. Air temperature of storage area shall be maintained between 40° F and 110° F. During long-term storage, it is recommended that containers be turned upside down or shaken every 3 months to retard complete separation of solvents and solids.

Warranty >>>

The technical data furnished herein is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, no guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. Insulating Coatings of America, Inc. guarantees its products as to specification and merchantability of the product as of the date of manufacture. Product warranties and application warranties are available from authorized INCA dealers.

Health & Safety >>>

Product is non-toxic and non-flammable. See this product's Material Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Colors >>>

CTC-100 Solar Off Loading Technology (SOLT) Fabric Structure Thermal Treatment is manufactured in Desert Tan as a standard color. Other colors are available.

CTC-100 Offers the Following Features: >>>

  • Excellent adhesion when applied over various fabric substrates.
  • A barrier to the solar spectrum which can rapidly degrade fabric materials.
  • Significantly lower tent surface temperatures which can help reduce cooling requirements and improve comfort in non-air conditioned structures.
  • Nearly eliminates movement and stress in the shelter system due to solar heating.
  • Excellent dirt pick-up resistance.
  • Excellent flexibility at temperatures as low as 18° C or 0° F.
  • Application by spray, brush or roller.
  • User friendly soap and water clean-up and environmentally acceptable.

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