Case Studies
Improvements On Refrigerated Container Systems

INCA's Technology's Solution Provides Significant Savings with Improved Refrigerated Container Systems (I-RCS)

Fielded refrigeration assets in hot ambient climates such as the Middle East are exposed to excessive thermal loading resulting in frequent breakdowns and exceedingly high operation and maintenance costs. The high solar roof loading combined with the low solar reflective index of conventional paint significantly reduces the systems' service life.

While traditional insulation methods are usually put in place, they still allow in significant heat transfer through the container roof and wall. As a result, impacts to life cycle cost are staggering, resulting from a highly increased fuel consumption rate and increased maintenance requirements.

Achieving Gains with an Advanced Technical Approach

The US Army's Natick RDEC asked INCA to help them engineer an improvement into the new refrigerated ISO shipping container then in design. The Natick engineers knew that eliminating most of the solar load would add dramatically to the efficiency and durability of the container system.

INCA was awarded an R&D contract to apply our CH-202 Solar Off-loading Technology (SOLT) to two prototype containers. Upon completion of these containers, they were evaluated by an ISO certified test facility for structural, heat and air leakage.

As expected, the addition of INCA CH-202 SOLT demonstrated a significant improvement in performance, as noted in the following charts.

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