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Florida State University Thin Film Thermal Management Wall Project

INCA recently completed the successful installation of the INCA Series 6010 InsulArmor system at the University Center of Florida State University. This choice ensures that FSU will enjoy many years of worry free insulating performance from the world's most advanced thin film thermal management (TFTM) system, a cutting-edge INCA technology that has newly migrated from US space and military application to the commercial world.

System Summary

The materials applied to the concrete block (CMU) walls of the University Center at Doak Campbell Stadium were applied as a layering of two waterborne acrylics, each with a different proprietary mineral foundation and a different film quality or characteristic. Combined in layers, they provide a durable, long term, state of the art barrier to heat flow and a durable solution for a high traffic, public environment.

The environmentally responsible water based InsulArmor system has very low volatile solvents (VOC) and is free of other hazardous components.

System Performance:

  • Energy efficiency will be greatly enhanced, with the virtual elimination of heat exchange through the treated CMU walls.
  • The relatively thick INCA base layers act as an effective sound attenuator, which makes the building quieter; eliminating much of the noise that would normally flow through the walls. HVAC machinery cycles less frequently so that noise is also eliminated.
  • The building will maintain a more consistent temperature which eliminates a background stress that employees feel, whether they know it or not. All of the additional feelings of comfort and well-being could add to productivity and reduced employee complaint, absenteeism and turnover. Buildings treated with the InsulArmor system are reported to become more comfortable or "friendlier" and "softer".

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